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As founder and CEO, Mr. Green oversees strategic planning, business development, and client services development. Mr. Green’s commitment to client service has played a major role in his approach to managing the firm and developing environmental service products to cost effectively meet client and market needs. Mr. Green has 24 years of environmental compliance, assessment, investigation, and remediation experience, and 38 years of technical business management expertise. Collectively, Mr. Green’s environmental and business backgrounds have allowed him to develop and grow a successful environmental and engineering consulting firm in a challenging and dynamic business climate.



Mr. Green has experience in air quality management, soil vapor & groundwater monitoring, and environmental site assessments. He has performed hundreds of ESAs ranging from the simple to the complex. The commercial industries for which Mr. Green has provided due diligence expertise include aerospace, chemical, dry cleaners, trucking, gasoline bulk plants, manufacturing, insurance, real estate, farms, property management, and more.

The types of ESAs that Mr. Green has performed include Database Reviews, Transaction Screen Assessments, and Phase I investigations and due diligence in support of real estate transactions, and investigations of surface and subsurface soil, groundwater, surface water and sediment impacted by a variety of chemical and radiological contaminants.. His interactions with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies are aimed at ending the environmental "study cycle,” securing site closure, and capping clients’ ongoing costs and liabilities.



Carrie A. Beveridge has been practicing environmental and engineering geology throughout Oregon, Washington and Texas for a variety of Public and Private Sector clients for over twelve years. Ms. Beveridge has successfully completed several hundred Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. Subject properties include industrial food processers, timber and log yards, landfills, golf courses, morgues, commercial aircraft manufacturing and maintenance facilities, industrial manufacturing plants, industrial commercial complexes, retail complexes, historical urban properties, medical and dental facilities, hospitals, large scale commercial timber assets, dry cleaners, auto repair facilities, clandestine drug labs, and commercial farms. Ms. Beveridge developed a modified Phase I ESA template for the purpose of assessing large industrial sites, including full capacity crude oil refineries in Texas and Delaware.

Ms. Beveridge has managed a wide range of Phase II and Phase III Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) including Geological Hazards and Environmental Risk Assessments, Beneficial Water Use Studies, Emergency Spill Response, and Environmental Geophysical Surveys, and has brought several environmental remediation projects to regulatory closure. Ms. Beveridge additionally has extensive experience managing and implementing vapor intrusion and indoor air assessments.



Mr. Wilson is a senior environmental professional with more than 18 years of experience in the environmental service industry. As Operations Manager, Mr. Wilson is responsible for ensuring the consistency and quality of the due diligence services throughout GӏEӏM. Mr. Wilson provides senior review expertise on a company-wide basis to ensure compliance and satisfaction of client requirements for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Transaction Screens. Day to day responsibilities include senior reviewing, project oversight, staff supervision, business development and client management. Experiences include real estate environmental and engineering due diligence investigations (Phase I/II ESAs, Property Condition Assessment support), telecommunications due diligence investigations (Phase I/II ESAs, NEPA), geotechnical investigations, hazardous waste disposal, air quality monitoring, asbestos abatement oversight and media sampling projects (e.g. lead, asbestos, radon). Mr. Wilson has performed numerous Lead Based Paint (LBP) and Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) surveys throughout the United States in accordance to Federal, State, and local requirements.

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Ms. Ratana conducts Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Transaction Screens for a wide variety of multi-family, commercial, and industrial properties. She has completed investigations, assessment, and audits for both local and national clients. She is also an AHERA-Certified Asbestos Building Inspector and has assessed both multi-family and commercial properties in accordance to the Federal, State, and Local requirements.

In addition, Ms. Ratana offers extensive knowledge in environmental compliance for semiconductor industry and manufacturing facilities. Specifically, Ms. Ratana is involved with managing and preparing Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, Hazardous Material Business Plans, Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plans, Air Emissions Inventory Reports, Tier II Reports, TRI Reports, Recyclable Materials Reports, and Storm Water Annual Reports. Ms. Ratana is responsible for performing employee training on DOT and Hazardous Communication Right-To-Know, conducting regulatory review and compliance audits for manufacturing facilities to ensure that our clients are in compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations.



Cristina Brischler has over 20 years in the environmental consulting industry with a variety of clients including private, municipal, public agencies, and federal government. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Biology.

Cristina is experienced in conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II and remediation projects for gasoline stations, dry cleaners, and industrial sites, vapor intrusion assessments, air permitting, stormwater pollution prevention plans, spill control & countermeasure plans, groundwater modeling, hazardous waste characterization and manifesting, and UST closures.

Christina will be responsible for managing GӏEӏM’s expanding clientele in Idaho, Montana, Eastern Washington, Wyoming, and North and South Dakota.