At G|E|M going above and beyond for our clients is our Hallmark!

Founded in 1991, G|E|M has become a very highly respected environmental consulting firm providing environmental reporting for commercial lenders and industry alike. As a leader in the field of environmental assessments, G|E|M has experienced strong growth over the past few years despite the turbulent economic times and their impact on all our market sectors by providing meticulous, detailed, well-researched, and accurate reports with definite conclusions and black-and-white recommendations that allow clients to make informed financial decisions. G|E|M's value-added approach to environmental assessment distinguishes us from the pack and allows our team of experts to fulfill our mission of providing a high-quality, cost-effective, and scientifically sound work product to our clients.

The extra steps built into G|E|M's due diligence internal protocol guarantee the most thorough site assessments available on the market. G|E|M strives to bring projects to a "No Further Action" status whenever possible, even it means going the extra mile to do so.


"It is G|E|M's goal to ensure that our clients' best interests come first. Our staff goes beyond industry requirements at every level in order to bring projects to fruition. Our internal work standards have eliminated the need for further action on countless occasions over the years."     - Chris Green, CEO